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When It Comes to Dating…

Do You Feel so Clueless About Modern Dating that You End up Getting Nowhere?


Thinking of trying online dating again but had an awful experience in the past?


Want to get better at the online dating game but don’t know how to do it?


Feel like you’re wasting your time because men seem to only want one thing?

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I’m Whitney Kobrin…

Dating & Relationship Expert

For years, I struggled with dating and relationships. Constantly anxious and afraid of jinxing a new relationship or getting way too attached too early, I tried to put my best foot forward … but it turns out that what came naturally to me in dating turned out to be all wrong. Finally, I reached out for help from a love & relationship coach, learned how to attract a healthy relationship, and married my incredible husband. When he passed away five years later, I grieved deeply. Eventually when I felt ready to pursue love again, this time I knew how. Feeling confident and secure in myself, dating was actually fun! I met my current partner and we’ve been happily together for the past five years.

After transforming my own love life, I saw how many people were still struggling and wanted to use my experience to serve others. My training in psychology, matchmaking, life coaching, and feminine embodiment helped me to become the Dating & Relationship Expert I am today. I love helping women take the disappointment and drama out of dating and finally have the loving relationship they crave.

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A genuine relationship is possible! In my 90-day program, Dating Done Right, I’ll personally help you get better at the online dating game, overcome your fear of rejection, and build the confidence and trust you need to date again. As overwhelming as it feels, there is hope. Searching for a serious relationship and developing a genuine connection requires certain skills. When you know what they are, and have an expert coach by your side, you’ll finally experience that happily ever after you dream about. To learn all the details and apply for one of the few spots remaining, click the button below.

Build a Relationship You Love

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