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Endlessly Looking For Someone Who Loved Me for Me…​

Finding lasting love was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I spent nearly 15 years trying desperately to find a good man but kept only getting dates with weirdos. Then, I became a mom at 24 years old. Unfortunately the relationship I had with my son’s father was toxic and soon ended. In an instant, I became an anxious and depressed single mom fighting to provide for myself and my baby. I wanted a family for my son, but there was so much about dating and relationships that I had never learned!

I put myself out there by using online dating apps, but there was a problem. The guys I was attracted to acted like they weren’t interested in me, and I was not attracted to the types of guys I was attracting. It was so frustrating. I had friends, and people around, but deep down I felt lonely, and yearned for a loving partner. I knew exactly what I was looking for in a relationship but couldn’t seem to find it. Friends kept telling me to stop trying so hard and just let it happen. My type of guy definitely wasn’t on the dating apps, they said. I was so lost. Even when I confidently felt smart & attractive, all these players & liars just disappeared. I almost stopped searching. I almost gave up.

Luckily, I discovered a women’s dating coach. It turns out that what came naturally to me about dating was all wrong. I wanted to get better at the dating game but didn’t know how to do it. In truth, I was more wounded than I knew, and I was recreating the old, familiar, unhealthy relationship patterns I learned early in life. I’d find myself getting hung up on someone who wasn’t investing in me but I just could not move on. Something kept pulling me back into a sad reality. 

But on this new journey, I started doing daily practices & courses. I read countless books about personal development and relationships. I learned how to express my natural feminine nature and attract an equal masculine partner. I began to speak my truth and communicate my needs and desires in healthy ways. Most importantly, I learned how to stop betraying myself or settling for less than I deserved.

I no longer felt fiercely independent nor desperate for a relationship and applying what I learned helped me meet and marry my husband. I finally had the partner and family I’d always wanted!
But five years later, my husband suddenly passed away. I grieved deeply for my husband, our life, and the future we planned together.

Eventually, I felt ready to pursue love again. At least this time I knew how! Feeling confident and secure in myself, dating was actually fun. I met Tim, and we’ve been happily together for the past five years. As a certified Life Coach and Dating & Relationship Coach, I love helping women who are struggling to build a relationship they love. Happily ever after is possible when you learn how, and it would be an honor to help show you the way.

Want to get clear about your goals, uncover what’s really standing in your way, and create a personalized plan to finally have the amazing relationship you’ve always wanted? Schedule a free Dating in the Digital World Strategy call with me

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